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Crystals are powerful conduits of the earth's healing energy. Having existed on earth for millions of years, crystals are tools which work with your energy field to absorb, focus, and direct energies. Each crystal has its own specific properties, which can improve the flow of energy, bringing a different effect on the mind and body for better wellbeing. 

Crystal Elixir

Crystal elixir is created when water is infused with the energy of the crystal. The word elixir stems from the Arabic word “al iksic” which means “miracle substance.” Crystal elixirs have been crafted by alternative healers for centuries, and are referenced in ancient Grecian and Chinese texts. As a large percentage of our body is made up of water, the energy of the water that we drink affects us. 


Beyond their spiritual uses, quartz crystals have several practical uses including as energy transmitters in electronic devices. In alternative healing and holistic therapy, crystals are used to focus energy, and to transform negative energy into positive. Crystals can be used as literal transmitters of positive energy.

Recently, crystal healing is being incorporated into many different health and wellness tools, making them more accessible to the mainstream. As more people recognize the benefits of crystal healing they are finding new and valuable ways to add them into their everyday routine.


How to Use

1) Fill your Crystal Bottle with clean, filtered water.

2) Wait at least 7 minutes.

3) Enjoy your Crystal Elixir!

Room temperature water is preferred but may also be refrigerated. DO NOT place your Crystal Bottle in the freezer as this could cause damage to the crystal and the glass body. 

We also love charging our crystals under a moonlit sky or meditating with our crystal to gain clarity and focus on our truth. Create a mindful intention ritual around the everyday use of your crystal so that it can become a tool for manifestation.


Every sip of water is a reminder to be energized throughout your day and in fulfilling your intentions as they flow through your body.

Cleaning Instructions

The glass body of the bottle is dishwasher safe. The lid and base must be hand washed.  


The crystal can also be cleaned with a non-abrasive soap and a sponge, but crystal care is completely up to your individual preference. You can also cleanse your crystals in any number of ways; two of our favorite methods are exposing crystals to the full moon and bathing them in a natural spring!

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