Clear Quartz

Positivity • Clarity • Energy • Cleansing 

The master healer amplifies energy and thought. The stone of ultimate wisdom and total clarity. 

Clear Quartz is a neutral energy conductor, and can help to charge your intentions, especially while you are meditating. 


Make your own powerful crystal elixir water with this elegantly handcrafted Healing Natural Quartz Water Bottle. This sleek, 16 oz. glass bottle features a stainless steel top and gorgeous removable crystal obelisk. Cut down on plastic waste in style. Hand-washable components and dishwater safe glass bottle. 



Glass . Stainless steel . 

Removable base with clear quartz

Bottle sleeve

One-of-a-kind clear quartz, colour and size may vary


Intended for water only.

Fragile - handle with care. 

Clear Quartz Bottle

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