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An igneous rock created by the eruption of volcanoes, Lava Rock is the embodiment of elemental fire and earth. The porous nature of the rock allows it to hold scents and slowly diffuse it with the wearer's temperature. 


Materials (8mm beads)

Lava Rock  

Amethyst -- Crown chakra

Lapis Lazuli -- Third Eye chakra

Turquoise -- Throat chakra

Green King Stone -- Heart chakra

Tigereye -- Solar Plexus chakra

Amber -- Sacral chakra

Red Agate -- Root chakra



1) Apply (dropping drop by drop OR rolling on if a roller bottle) oil/perfume on the lava stone beads.*

2) Wear to diffuse. 


*Amount required depends on the vicousity and type of the oil/perfume and how strong you wish the smell to be.



Contact us for slight customisation or alterations (+$3).

Lava Rock Diffuser Bracelet Chakra

  • Lava rock is a hardy rock and can withstand different temperatures. To clean the bracelet, rinse it under running water and air dry it or dry it with a hairdryer. 

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