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Scent profile: floral with a hint of wood

A romantic yet calming blend. Perfect for alone time or time with loved ones. Blend of florals and woods. You are the most important person to you.


    • Massage onto neck, shoulders, behind ears, and/or temples
    • Leave open bottle nearby
    • Apply on clothes (preferably dark-coloured ones)
    • Do the 1-minute spa



    For first-time users, do a patch-test on a small part of your skin in case of allergic reaction.

  • 1. Apply a generous amount of blend on palms.

    2. Rub palms together to spread out the blend and warm it up.

    3. Cup over nose and mouth, and inhale deeply for 5-10 times.

    4. Cup over ears and hold for 5-10 seconds.

    5. Gently slide your palms up and down ears a few of times.

    6. Finish by applying the remaining blend onto neck and shoulders.

    7. Do it any time, any where!

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